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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-13
Electronic cigarette starter kit is the complete package that allows the freedom to vape e-cig whenever and wherever required, without any excess baggage of tension. The types of starter kits of Fifty One Trio e-cigs depend on both the price of the kit as well as the number of items packed in it. There are starter kits, basic kits, gold kits, and also luxury kits. The Trio collection, after all, is a combination of health and pleasure. The health factors related to the Trio electronic cigarette starter kit are mainly due to the absence of tobacco in e-cig. Being completely free of tobacco and tar and about some 4,000 other carcinogenic materials, the e-cig of Fifty One is a safe cigarette substitute. It is good for quitting smoking, as well as for continuing the habit without the heavy risk of getting harmful things in to your body. The e-vapor of e-cig is not smoke, and mainly simple water vapor, with traces of nicotine when you choose nicotine in your e-liquid. This vapor does not cause smoke haze or cough or allergy or even smell of any kind. The composition of e-liquid is a mixture of traces of nicotine, depending on the content of nicotine you want, with a combination of four or more other pharmaceutical liquids, like the widely used Propylene Glycol. These liquids dilute the concentration of the nicotine, and what remains is the amount that would be enough to give a proper 'nicotine kick' without the harms. The starter kits from the Trio collection start from the kit with the same name - the starter kit. This kit has two Trio batteries for the e-cigarette, and these batteries are rechargeable. Once given full charge, each of these batteries give puffs equal to two or also three ordinary cigarettes. With the batteries, there comes one piece of atomizer that is not disposable, and can be used again and again. The cartridges come in a pack of six, in the 'original' flavor with the strength of 11mg of nicotine. There are also one piece of wall outlet charger with a power cable, one membership card for Club 51, and one instruction book for the users. Nest kit is named as basic kit plus, which contains one lithium ion battery which can be recharged as and when required, one piece of atomizer that is not disposable and can be reused, six cartridges containing the e-liquid in 'original' flavor of 11mg strength of nicotine, one wall outlet charger with power cable in the standard size, one membership card form the Club 51, and one instruction manual book for the users of electronic cigarette. The Trio Deluxe kit, the Luxe kit and the gold kit are the kits of the premium range. These contain accessories of the Trio range, like the leather case with embossed logo in the Luxe kit, the options among six strengths of nicotine and flavor for four batteries in the Deluxe kit, and the color batteries in five different colors in the gold kit. ECig69.Com is one of the online shops where Fifty One trio batteries and starter kits are found in various choices. When it comes to the choice of health and style, the choice that people all over the world have been making is of electronic cigarette, while trusting Fifty One electronic cigarette with complete trust.
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