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by:ambitionmods     2020-05-14
JOYE the name which is considered to be one of the best names in the field of e-cigarettehas provided users with lots of variety. Among this variety there is the JOYE eGo which is considered the best electronic cigarette / personal vaporizer for those that are serious about vaping.JOYE is known in the market for the quality which it provides and others have been following it but have not been able to match what JOYE gives. TheVaporPro is a genuine Joyetech distributor of the world famous JOYE product line and accessories.TheVaporPro is among the few US approved dealers for the 510 and eGo product line of electronic cigarettes. The JOYE products give the smokers a lot of choices and variety in regards to the flavorshe or she chooses as well as the selection of the level of nicotine in these cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is gadget than can serve well. The JOYE eGo is the best electronic cigarette that is available in the market. The cigarette comes with a several atomizer and matchingcartridgeoptions which has the capacity of holding up to 2.5ml of smoke juice.Even the smoke juice comes in various flavors, giving smokers a lot of variety.Larger cartridges reduce the number of times the cartridge needs to be filled and large atomizer have more surface area which results in larger volume of vapor with each draw. The battery is also quite durable as it works for 5 to 7 hours for averageuserandwith the optional 1000 mAh battery the average jumps to 12 hours on average from a single charge. So, the battery does not require a charge as often. The batteries are available in several colors, likeblue, red, black and stainless steel. While you are charging the batteryyou need to make sure thatyou onlyuse the supplied JOYE eGo USB Battery Charger.This is a special high amperage designed charger used for this battery and it should not be used for charging any other Joyetech battery. All genuine Joye ego batteries also have the On/Off functionality so the old style button protector is no longer required making the use of your eGo more efficient and conservative on battery power.
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