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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-14
E-cigarettes are battery powered, and create a vapor that the user inhales and exhales just like with a regular cigarette. They may create a nicotine vapor, or they may use cartridges that do not use nicotine at all and instead use various flavours of vapor. The vapor base is usually vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, both of which are found in numerous food products and have been consumed safely for years. The benefits of e-cigarettes are plentiful: * They contain no tar, nor do they contain any of the other chemicals found in cigarettes * They do not stain your teeth or fingers * There is no cigarette smell to permeate your clothing, carpeting, drapes, or car interior * They produce no second-hand smoke * Any residual aroma created by an electronic cigarette quickly turns odourless once in the air * They can use non-nicotine vapors so you can 'vape' without consuming nicotine at all * They look just like cigarettes People who want to quit smoking can start by using nicotine cartridges, and gradually eliminate nicotine by moving on to cartridges that contain less nicotine until the nicotine habit is broken for good. And those who want to 'vape' but don't want to look like they are smoking can buy electronic vaporizers in different shapes and colours. E-cigarettes, such as Evape Electronic Cigarettes are the perfect alternative to regular cigarettes. You get the pleasures of smoking without the tar, the smell, and the damaging effects of regular smokes. And over the long term, they are far less expensive, too. The atomizer, sometimes referred to as the 'mouthpiece,' usually lasts for about a month if cleaned and used regularly according to instructions. Maintenance involves blowing them out then standing them vertically on tissue paper to dry out overnight. The batteries used in e-cigs last for 150 to 180 puffs between charges, and re-charging only takes a couple of hours. Special extra-long life batteries can go even longer. Most batteries have to be replaced after 200 to 300 charges. Whether you want to quit smoking altogether or whether you want to enjoy a cleaner product that can be used indoors without disturbing non-smokers, electronic cigarettes are well worth investigating. You get the look and feel of analog smoking without tar or other harmful chemicals found in tobacco, and you can enjoy a variety of flavours like almond, apple, coffee, and even chocolate! Vaping is much less intrusive than regular smoking, and is far less expensive than continuing to smoke regular cigarettes.
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