To quit or not to quit! That is the question indeed

by:ambitionmods     2020-05-13
Research has already demonstrated the correlation between many diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, pneumonia, heart disease, and other potentially fatal human ailments to the extremely harmful habit of smoking. In addition, smoking has also been found to cause throat, mouth, and gum diseases and can aggravate serious conditions like diabetes. If only there is a product that gives smokers the rush and experience of smoking without the nasty health damage. In 2003, such a product was invented by a Chinese pharmacist. Now called the vapor cigarette (also known as e-cigarette, electronic cigarette, or e-cig), this product has grown in widespread popularity and is being acclaimed as the best and safest alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. The vapor cigarette is now packaged as part of an electronic cigarette starter kit. The electronic cigarette starter kit is a package that is basically aimed at allowing smokers to continue 'smoking' but without absorbing harmful chemicals into their system. Aside from the vapor cigarette, an electronic cigarette starter kit also includes a battery charger, spare mouthpieces, and cartridges or bottles of e-liquid. Along with the vapor cigarette, the e-liquid provides the radical difference of this new innovative product. The e-liquid is used to grant flavor and generate vapor that easily resembles the highly toxic fumes from a lit tobacco cigarette. The main difference is that the vapor produced from the e-liquid is clean. This is because e-liquid only consists of pure water, food flavor, and substances that are certified safe by health agencies. The result is that users can continue their habit while not being subjected to the harmful side effects of smoking. The electronic cigarette starter kit is a real boost to smokers who really find it difficult to quit and who would rather incur the health damage than stop smoking altogether. What the electronic cigarette starter kit represents to these smokers is a portal towards a cleaner, safer lifestyle. In addition, because hundreds of accessories and e-liquid flavors are now available, the lifestyle is continually evolving into an exciting hobby as well.
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