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by:ambitionmods     2020-07-26
E-smoking devices e.g. clearomizers, mini protanks, mini kits consist, at their very core, of a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery, and operate on the principle of vaporizing a mixture of water, nicotine and juice flavors that are much less harmful for the smoker, and have virtually no environmental footprint so there is no chance of passive smoking. The Protank Mini 2 is an excellent choice for those looking for a classy and high end e-smoking kit. Customers can buy the Protank online from the Vapor Cigs of Texas website. The Protank Mini 2 comes in a box that is quite similar to the original Protank: it contains the brass body of the Protank 2, alongside its glass tank, base and two coils of 2.5 ohms. The body is chrome-plated just like the original Protank, that you may still be able to buy online from select vendors but not Vapor Cigs of Texas. The new iteration has a slightly bulkier look relative to its more angled top. This isn't without reason of course - this version, unlike the old one, has a removable drip trip that is easily replaceable with any other tip that can work with a 510. This feature will be greatly admired by those who didn't care for the permanence of the original's tip. The best feature about the Protank Mini 2 that is sure to catch the eye of any vaper, is its modular build. Apart from the removable drip tip that was referred to earlier, users can also change the vanilla coils with 2.5 / 1.8 ohm ones of their own choosing. Not just this, the base and the glass tank can also be customized. This means that you can personalize the Protank you buy online buy swapping its default glass tank with a colored one of your choice - a feature that was not available in the older one. The new version of Protank offers very decent vapor production and the flavor muting, which was a major problem in the original Protank, has been considerably reduced. Available at Vapor Cigs of Texas for a discounted price just shy of nineteen dollars, it is an e-smoking kit that cannot be ignored by any fan of vaping.
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