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by:ambitionmods     2020-05-07
The heat wand vaporizer is easy to use. The process is very simple; you just plug the VCB, turn the heat and then attach the VWT to inhale. You will then discover the clean and untainted vapor because the air doesn't get in touch with the heating element unlike other equipment. It just gets in touch with the hot glass. The Vriptech design uses the Venturi effect that gives the VHW higher vaporizing capabilities by causing tiny air currents in the VCB. This homogenizes the vaporizing material. The air is then forced to compress into a smaller area which increases its flow hence allowing the air to maintain its heat. The Vriptech heat wand is an excellent vaporizer with an innovative glass air path that is good for individuals with sensitive airways. They also have a huge selection of adapters and tools that are very versatile and are able to fit with a variety of glass tools. The glass water tool doesn't have to be cleaned regularly and when cleaned, isopropyl alcohol should be used. Apart from the fragile nature of the glass products, the health benefits and clean tasty vapor pros outweighs the cons. Vriptech VHW products can be found from various distributors and can also be ordered online by filling an online coupon available on the website. Some of the high end Vriptech products are the Steinel HG2510 ESD Heat Gun. It boasts of lower air flow option for minimized vapor oxidation. It also has new pre-set programs for multiple temperature and air flow combinations with one touch controls. The heat tool is also encapsulated with ceramic. It has clear digital temperature and air flow controls together with LCD temperature display. There is also a portable vapor system for the car called Vrip master vapor bat. It can be used by using the car lighter as a heat source. It is simple, portable and easy to use. Apart from heat wand vaporizers, Vriptech deals also in herbs which they have dedicated a whole web page to explain in detail essential botanical oils and phyto-medicinal compounds. A visit to their website gives detailed information on topics about vaporization, volatilization, hot gas extraction, aromatherapy and phyto-inhalation. They also address issues on the legality of using various vaporizing equipment. The cost of ordering the equipment like the VCB, the Steinel heat guns and the VWT are also clearly displayed. A free manual of the SVT gun is also available. On the website are also a number of testimonials that users can read about the benefits of how the heat wand vaporizer has enabled them to quit habits like smoking.
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